Hello, my name is Rich, Co-Founder of A-Live. We empower people to maximize their potential and live life to the fullest with an emphasis on being healthy inside and out.

Our goal is to inspire you to discover and make positive changes to live your ultimate life. We hope to educate and support you to achieve the results you want while helping you overcome obstacles and setbacks along the way. Change is sometimes difficult and we understand there are several steps in the process to accomplish your overall goals. We want to help you enjoy the journey with constant positive energy. We are not a gimmick or rah-rah group telling you to just think positive and everything will happen for you. I will not mention any books, people or material that likes to sell you on how easy it is to accomplish your dreams. We are a comfortable place to go for individuals who need motivation on discovering their aspirations and the step by step support on achieving results.

I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist who specializes in mindset skills training. Am I an expert… I don’t know, but I will say that I have dedicated my life to educating myself and others on how to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Our team includes health professionals who all share the same goal in helping people achieve their best life.

Why A-Live

Most young athletes are extremely fragile and I was no exception. When I was a child growing up, I played a lot of sports. I was always smaller than my friends/teammates and it is comical looking back at team pictures because I looked like I was a little brother of someone on the team. (My bi-level hair was laughable as well). By always being smaller, it helped motivate me and I was determined to ¬†prove people wrong. I always had the attitude of competing against the biggest person to prove that I belonged. While it helped me gain a competitive edge in certain ways, I had other mindset obstacles that was sabotaging my performance in sports and life. When I was performing well, my confidence was strong, but any kind of failure (bad play, etc.), I would immediately lose focus and confidence. This would affect the rest of my game, day and season. Negativity would set in my mind and I would be useless for my team. I also couldn’t take criticism very well and I perceived it as I was a failure. How could I enjoy sports so much at times and then just want to quit at other times. I was so extreme and there was no in-between with my thoughts.

This carried over to my career as I had a fear of failure. I reached a breaking point a couple years ago when my career had some setbacks. Some minor obstacles caused me to lose focus and self-esteem. Once a happy and confident person… I now thought of myself as a failure and I had some drastic thoughts while feeling sorry for myself. I could always help other people, but I couldn’t use my own advice and I was severely wounded mentally. Feeling lost, I started educating myself on how to get out of this funk I was in. I saw Psychologists and Life Coaches while attending graduate classes for Sports Psychology. I took all the knowledge I have gained over the years and utilized it to improve all facets of my life.

I am now passionate on empowering adults and youths to live their absolute best life. Every person I’ve talked to regarding this subject has had a personal obstacle that has held them back from achieving something. We will assist you in overcoming physical and mental barriers. Each person has their own needs, interests and obstacles and A-Live is here to help with an individualized approach. We are an all-inclusive package focusing on the mind, body and soul for optimal health and happiness. We are an online support community with 1-on-1 coaching programs, training videos, ¬†fun challenges and much more.

I should also mention although I have never been diagnosed, I probably have a minor case of ADHD. My wife would definitley agree with that assumption, but we won’t get into that. While I enjoy just about everything I do and have many interests/hobbies… I also get bored easily and used to have time management problems. Our programs help me organize a detailed plan that assists me to execute tasks and accomplish my overall vision.


Exercising should be enjoyable and your workouts should be tailored around what you enjoy. For instance, if you’re love playing basketball then you should concentrate on functional training methods to prepare you for when you want to play basketball.


Healthy eating habits was probably the hardest thing for me in achieving optimal health. While I always heard that nutrition is the the most important factor in weight control, I never fully realized it until I actually started eating better. I used to have many digestive issues, but since I have changed my eating habits I look and feel so much better. I have added many Paleo principles to my diet and I understand everyone reacts differently to certain foods. I think most educated nutritionists can tell you that you should eat real and fresh food, eliminate fried and processed foods and eat in moderation more often.


Your mind is the key factor in every decision you make, whether it is to workout, eat certain foods or not driving a vehicle after drinking. It is important to discover what you want and go get it by being focused and positive throughout your journey.

A-Live wants to hear from you! We want to know about challenges you’re facing because you’re not alone. Hopefully all of us can inspire each other everyday to live our ultimate lives. It is definitley easier to deal with setbacks when you have a team of people supporting you.





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