Young Boys In Baseball Team With Coach

There are many challenges in raising kids these days. The pressure is greater than ever for a child growing up in today’s society. A child’s schedule is packed with school, sports and other obligations as they feel the tension from teachers, coaches and parents.

Parents will do anything to help their children be successful in playing sports. Most parents will not hesitate to sign their child up for club leagues and camps to gain an advantage and enhance their performance. Young athletes are being limited to playing one sport all year round leaving little room to participate in other sports or interests. It gets younger every year and many high school coaches are scouting kids before their bodies are even developed yet.

I’ve coached thousands of kids with thousands of different personalities and skill levels. I’ve learned and witnessed a child needs to ENJOY playing the sport in order to fully develop and reach his/her maximum potential. A young athlete will achieve their best results and be more successful in the future if they are passionate about the sport. It will help them develop the right mindset, which improves preparation, focus, confidence and knowledge. It is our job as coaches and parents to help them experience the joy of teamwork and sports without putting on added pressure.

Young athletes should not limit themselves to one sport before high school. It is beneficial to try many different interests and not overload on one sport at an early age. Playing multiple sports should eliminate burn out and your child will become a more well-rounded athlete. Plus, it gives him/her the chance to discover what their passions and interests are without feeling forced to play a sport their parents choose for them.

So encourage your children to get out there and enjoy sports and outdoor activities!