It’s important to always be prepared for Gameday. Here are some things that I do to get me ready to perform at the highest level:

1. Eat a good meal! Ive found that in order to perform at the highest level, it’s extremely important to eat a wholesome meal before your game. I try to eat my meal around 2 hours before I will be playing, that way whatever you have eaten can digest well enough. I usually try to eat a meal that contains two things: Proteins and Carbohydrates. I usually go with a simple pasta and chicken, something that is fulfilling but won’t slow you down on the field.

2. Get in the right mindset! Take some time before the game to calm yourself, clear your mind of everything. Make sure you focus on the positive, get all of the negative things that may be going on your mind out of your head. Start to envision what you want to accomplish on the field, see yourself on the field succeeding and make sure everything stays positive in your head, because that will transfer on to the field!

3. Make sure to have downtime on the day of the game. Try to be fully relaxed and have had enough rest so that you can perform at the highest level. Make sure to get a good night sleep, and try to limit the amount of physical activities that you do on Gameday. Being fully rested is key to performing well in your game!

Leave a comment on what you do to prepare for each game!

Nicky Armitage attends Vistamar School in El Segundo, CA and plays Soccer competitively at the High School and Club Level.