About Us

Our Mission

To empower individuals to maximize potential and achieve their dreams while inspiring optimal health and happiness.

Who We Are

A-Live provides wellness, performance and lifestyle transformation consulting along with being an online support network for individuals looking to live a healthier lifestyle. We are health enthusiasts who are passionate about helping you live the life YOU envision with optimal health and happiness. We offer elite support structures that set you on a path to succeed while overcoming obstacles.

Our Philosophy- We live life to the fullest at A-Live and we are always exploring new adventures and contemporary health benefits. We take our action oriented approach combined with our enthusiasm for constantly growing and utilize that on our clients.

Negativity does not exist with us and we do not want those people around to bring us down. We realize there will be bad days and set backs along the way, but A-Live is always a safe and positive environment.

What makes us special-  We provide the entire package of living your ultimate lifestyle by focusing on your physical and mental well-being. We concentrate equally on YOUR mind, body and spirit while creating functional regimens you can use in your everyday life. Every program starts with mindset management, because we understand that is what holds everything else together.

Our Team

A-Live is made up of certified professionals that are competent and proficient in coaching you. Our diverse team comes from a variety of backgrounds including Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, (Sport) Psychology, Life Coaching and Specialized Sport/Fitness Trainers (Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, etc.)

What we Do

  • 1-on-1 Coaching (Physical & Mental Skills Training)
  • All-Inclusive Private Training (Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, Performance & Lifestyle Transformation)
  • Online Support Tools (Mind, Body & Spirit)
  • Individualized Exercise Programs
  • Weight Loss & Weight Control Strategies
  • Pipeline for Events/Activities
  • Fun Challenges
  • Online Training Videos (Exercise Workouts, Cooking Tips & Mindset Practices)
  • Online Portal for a Community of Health Enthusiasts.
  • Educate, Motivate & Facilitate Health Benefits
  • Positive Environment

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