Coach Rich Briant and his team will empower you to maximize your potential and achieve your ultimate lifestyle through mind, body and soul conditioning.

Lifestyle ~ Wellness Coaching

Our 1-on-1 wellness and lifestyle transformation coaching is a complete and balanced program, which includes mind, body and spirit training techniques. We help you discover aspirations, create a vision, strategize a plan, take sustainable action and accomplish your goals. The organized plan includes a fitness agenda, nutrition guidance, mindset conditioning, time management techniques and much more. We provide a positive environment and accountability while preparing you to overcome physical, mental and emotional barriers.

Performance Coaching

Our private, small group and team performance training helps you achieve goals and experience success while eliminating anxiety. We help prepare you for peak performance with physical skills training (strength, speed and flexibility & endurance) along with mindset skills training (focus, poise, preparation, confidence and enjoyment, etc.). Our individualized programs are tailored for your needs and we will empower to you to maximize your potential. We have proven results in facilitating adults/youths to overcome barriers that once sabotaged their performance.

Personal Training

Our Personal Training is fitness conditioning customized specifically to meet your needs. We provide functional cross-training exercises mixed with interval & circuit training. Our workouts strengthen your core and multi muscle groups along with improving speed, flexibility and endurance. Exercises include cardio, plyo metrics, sports specific training, kick boxing, yoga postures and Pilates techniques for weight management and optimal fitness. Our creative training regimens are exciting and they help you prepare for a sport, race or event.

Do you struggle to find time for exercising or eating healthy? The A-Live team specializes in helping you find time to get things done.

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