It is important to engage youths with healthy lifestyle behaviors so they can make good individual choices. Our teachers & youth coaches provide insight on the foundations of physical activity, nutrition, positive mindset & overall wellness. We promote youths to become advocates for healthy changes in their communities.

Futures Club

Futures is a network for helping youths live an active & healthy lifestyle through fitness, nutrition & mindset. We educate parents and youths with information and strategies on how to improve physical and mental health. Our club is a safe & positive place for parents & kids to go for information, solutions and advice. We provide activities for youths to get more involved in their community. We help kids discover their vision and alleviate the pressure they're under today in performance situations & overall life.

Youth Fitness & Sports Performance Training

Core Fitness & A-Live has teamed up to create highly effective sports performance programs for ages (7-18). We realized there was a need for functional sports training with an added emphasis on the mental aspects of playing sports. Our versatility & personalized approach to help each athlete’s needs is what sets us apart from other coaches & training programs. Core Fitness is a state-of-the-art center with professional equipment & we just added athletic turf, which is ideal for multi-directional movements & safety.

Fundamentals of Physical Activity & Nutrition

Physical activity, nutrition and positive emotions are extremely important for a child's physical and mental health. Kids will learn to discover actions that enhance a healthy environment at home, school and their community. A-Live provides  resources and tools to promote healthy lifestyles for parents and kids. Kids will learn the benefits of eating real and fresh food and practice applying these tools to make informed food and beverage choices.

Performance Coaching for Youths

Empowering kids to maximize potential through functional conditioning techniques. Our creative programs are challenging and fun with training methods to build confidence and enhance performance. We thrive on being a safe, loyal & positive environment where youngsters gain tools for sports & life.

Youths we've worked with for Performance:

  • Student Athletes
  • Entertainers (Auditions & Performances)
  • Musicians
  • Test Preparation
  • College Preparation

Schools & Affiliates We Have Worked With

• Manhattan Beach School District
• Manhattan Beach Athletic Foundation
• Palos Verdes School District
• Hermosa Beach School District
• City of Manhattan Beach
• Hermosa Beach Little League
• Manhattan Beach Little League
• Hermosa Beach Basketball
• Hope Chapel
• Brainiacs Tutoring
• del Sol School
• Nabet
• UAW (United Auto Workers)
• American Campers Association
• Brentwood Football
• Mira Costa High School
• Key Club
• Kiwanis Club
• Numerous Private Schools in the Los Angeles area

Our Staff

Our professional team is passionate about coaching kids in an entertaining, stimulating and safe environment. Our goal is to help kids appreciate an array of activities while challenging their inner-self and showing a positive attitude. We specialize in motivating kids by focusing on physical and mental conditioning along with developing leadership and team-building skills. Our staff recognizes each child is a uniquely talented and we find out how to challenge and inspire each one of them.


Futures & A-Live exists to offer young athletes multi-faceted programs to improve performance, build confidence, and help live a fit and active lifestyle. Whether it is preparing for an upcoming season (serious athlete), exposing a child to sports (beginner), or just infusing physical activity; we encourage all youths to fully enjoy what active participation in sports and indoor/outdoor activities can add to their lives.

Why A-Live & Futures

Low Child to Coach Ratio (Individual Attention)
Part of our Proceeds are Donated to the Community
Professional & Passionate Coaches
Personable Camp with Daily Email Updates to the Parents
Inspirationally Uplifting Environment
Multi-Faceted Options
References, Recommendations & Testimonials to Prove our Success


Futures/ACAMP was formed in 2008 by Richard Briant, who had a vision of forming a superior staff of coaches/facilitators to help kids achieve success through sports, media arts and activities. He had a vision of coaching youths as a profession and realized there was a need for quality camps and after school programs in the Los Angeles area that focused on each and every child. He realized not every child is the same and creative individual attention is what brings out the best and inspires a child. Welcome Futures!

Coach Rich has spent his career on brainstorming and educating himself on the art of coaching and training youths. He is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

“Richard enhances the mind and spirit of being a young athlete and inspires each child to enjoy life through sports and activities.”

Richard Briant (Founder & Executive Director)
Coach Richard Briant has a passion for helping youths live a fun, active and healthy lifestyle through sports and media arts. Richard’s 18 years of coaching experience inspires kids to enjoy sports and improve performance through physical and mental conditioning. He teaches teamwork, motivation, determination and self-esteem which prepare kids to be successful in sports, academics and life.

Coach Rich developed a vision after he constantly saw kids struggling or lacking confidence while playing sports. He realizes kids are sometimes mentally fragile and can be discouraged from playing sports or activities without proper coaching/instructing. Rich recognizes each talented child is unique and may need to be coached differently to have fun and maximize their full potential and enjoyment.

Coach Rich holds a Bachelor’s in Communications from Oswego State and completed MBA classes at Lemoyne College and Woodbury University. He has worked as a producer, independent filmmaker, actor, and producer/editor at Fox Sports.
He is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and has 8 years of private coaching (one on one) and training experience. Coach Rich played college baseball and has extensive knowledge on all sports and media arts Futures/ACAMP offers through playing, coaching and studying over the years. He worked at Fox Sports for 13 years.


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