You only live once... so why not live your absolute best version of yourself. It is time to take action and set your path to live the ultimate lifestyle. We all have our own vision and it is important to discover what you want and go get it. Optimal health and happiness involves the mind, body and soul.


The voice inside your head has a powerful effect in how your lifestyle will play out. Our minds can be our worst enemy or our biggest asset. The way we look at the world is a direct correlation of our happiness. The "cup half full" instead of "cup half empty" will help us achieve the ultimate lifestyle. Negativity doesn't get us anywhere and it is usually the easy way out. Whenever we have negative thoughts... we should consciously remove those thoughts by doing something. Let's face it... the most important factor in overall wellness is between our ears.


Our body is like a vehicle and we are the driver that needs to keep it tuned up in order to get optimal performance out of it. Do you want a clunker that breaks down all the time or a high end vehicle that runs great and never lets you down? Many people think of the body as your appearance in the mirror with muscles and body fat, but your body involves feeling good as well. You should feel good about your body inside and out.


Everyone goes through many trials and tribulations throughout the course of a life and is essential to take a step back sometimes and enjoy our lives. Life will throw us curve balls; therefore we can't pursue the idea of happiness only after we achieve a particular goal. Instead, we need to enjoy the journey everyday while trying to live our ideal lives. It is important to find your passion inside yourself and not worry about what other people are thinking or doing.

Lifestyle Transformation Strategy (10 Steps)

1. Reflect on your life.

Look in the mirror and analyze how you see yourself. Are you living your ideal life? Are you the exact person you want to be? What are you lacking in your current life? What is most important to you? Could you improve your overall health? What are some strengths? What are some perceived weaknesses and obstacles. What truly make you happy?

2. Discover Aspirations & Dreams

Decide what you really want in your ideal life. Recognize your needs and interests (Health, happiness, career, mindset, etc.). Visualize what your life would look like if you were living your best life.

3. Create a Vision

Develop a sustainable roadmap to help you accomplish your aspirations and have optimal health. Strategize a personalized agenda that caters to your needs and interests. Understand there will be challenges along the way; therefore prepare to overcome previous obstacles.

4. Goal Setting

Set realistic short and long term goals throughout your vision to track your results. Celebrate each goal achievement to recognize your success, which makes your journey more motivating and enjoyable.

5. Take Action

Start right away... do not delay. Hopefully you're inspired and committed to begin your journey. Be accountable for yourself and give it your best effort.

6. Track with a Journal (Day to Day)

It is essential to document your progress to keep you on the right path. This will help with discipline for yourself. Realize you will probably have to make some sacrifices, but it is easier if you're seeing results.

7. Be Positive

You must believe and have a positive mindset to achieve your dreams. There will be obstacles and/or set backs along the way, but do not let if affect your motivation on living your ideal life. Having a positive outlook will keep you energized and focused throughout your journey. Surround yourself with positive people because pessimistic do not provide any benefits for you achieving your dreams.

8. Achieve Results (Goals & Overall Vision)

The ultimate reward is achieving your primary vision quest! There will be a lot of hard work and dedication, but you will get there with the right mindset. Remember to enjoy your journey!

9. Maintenance

Once you reach a goal... It is important to keep up the good work and sustain your regimens and ideal behavior habits. Each goal you set should be a way of life and not just a quick fix. It doesn't end there and it is just as important to keep growing and not regress to where you originally were before.

10. Empower Friends and Family

While you're living your best life... you can help other people along the way. Your knowledge and positive attitude are priceless for what you can do for someone else. Lead by example and other people will follow.

by Richard Briant


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