Fitness is important on so many levels including reducing your risk of diseases, feeling better, looking better, avoiding injuries and allowing you to do activities throughout your life. You can also avoid other health risks like high blood pressure, depression and much more.

Functional Fitness

Functional Training Methods. Exercise to your interests and prepare for an event or season. For instance, why would your workouts consist of jogging on the hard pavement if you were preparing for a beach volleyball season. Some functional exercises include, sport specific workouts, running for an upcoming race, strength training, exercises to help lose weight and much more.

Change it Up - Get Outdoors

Be creative... Do not be afraid to mix up your workouts and try new things. It is great to constantly shock your muscles with different exercises. You will also add some excitement and unique challenges when trying new routines. Explore different classes, sports and workout regimens. You can have an effective and efficient workout with limited or no equipment at a local park or beach. Some outdoor activities include running, hiking, sports, plyometrics, stand up paddle boarding and much more. You will also be getting some Vitamin D by being outside.

Have Fun - Sports/Activities

Participating in sports or outdoor activities can be exhilarating when you're functionally fit. You should incorporate exercises that fit your needs and interests. If you're a beach volleyball player... you should try and base your workouts on the sand. If you hate jogging, it would be tough for you to sustain a jogging program. Focus on a sport/activity you enjoy and it won't feel like a chore. Regular exercise can ease depression while boosting energy levels. It is also one of the most effective ways of improving both your physical and mental health.

Get Fit... Perform Better... Enjoy!

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