“We are what we eat.” Most of us have heard this saying and we understand it is important to eat healthy foods. Healthy eating habits on a daily basis are imperative for our physical and mental well-being. Our nutritionists are always on top of the latest research regarding the quality of food we put in our bodies.


Most people diet for weight management purposes, but it is essential for feeling better as well. There are many diet plans circulating out there (Paleo, Vegan, Calorie counting, etc.), but it should be one that is sustainable and works for you. We do not believe in “yo yo” diets! Consuming healthy food should be a way of life or most likely you will crave particular foods and go back to prior eating habits. Our basic nutrition tips are to eat real, natural and fresh food. Try and avoid processed, pre-packaged, white flour/sugar and fried food. It is also important to control the quality of food you’re eating by looking and understanding your ingredients.

Eating Habits

Food is a big business and it is a science for companies to make us crave certain foods. How do we avoid eating a piece of cake or bag of chips? The best answer is to not have it around. When our brain is low in blood sugar, it will drive us to eat certain foods. Go in your kitchen and throw these unhealthy foods out right now. Another problem is our portion sizes in our meals. Eating out can be difficult because the sizes are usually large. Our bodies have trouble processing much more than 500 calories during a meal. We believe in eating less more often.

Evolution of Food

What is food for and why do we need it? The answer is energy. Many years ago the Paleolithic man/woman would hunt for their food. Then we advanced to finding ways to preserve foods for a longer time by refining flour and adding white sugar. This sugar mismanagement has caused a lot of health issues for people including weight gain, gas, headaches, anxiety and much more. It is important to notice your body's reaction while eating certain foods. While food is evolving... so are our bodies and we can't always eat the same things we did when we were children.

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